Info Tech Brings Local Solutions to National Problems

In a world of ever-advancing computer technology, where software companies rise and fall in rapid succession, Info Tech has managed to remain a champion for 36 years. The company creates construction software services for government and private corporations.
Info Tech, Inc. was established in 1977 by University of Florida professors James McClave and Thomas Rothrock. Initially, it was focused on statistical and economic consulting services for the Florida Attorney General. Now, Info Tech has 240 employees and 44 of the 50 U.S. state transportation agencies use its software to manage road construction projects, according to Info Tech marketing manager Valerie Riley.
“If you are driving on a highway in North America, there is a good chance that software developed right here in Gainesville was used to build it,” she said.
Info Tech’s services include, among others:

  • Bid Express, an online bidding service for construction projects that has helped reduce the process’s complexity and has processed more than $800 billion in bids with more than 8,000 contractors using it
  • Doc Express, which allows stakeholders to securely exchange and route documents that are specific to the industry
  • Mobile Inspector, which allows construction inspectors to collect and enter field data quickly and securely on a mobile device.

Info Tech has served several customers for more than 20 years.
“This kind of longevity is pretty unusual in the tech sector,” Riley said. What’s helped Info Tech stay ahead of the game and weather several economic downturns is that it treats its customers like family, Riley said.
“In the past, Info Tech has experienced projects that didn’t go as planned, went over budget, et cetera, but Info Tech owns that,” Riley said. “Maybe the company takes a loss to keep that customer. They shouldn’t be punished for Info Tech’s mistakes.”


“In a way, it’s just keeping our word.”
Commitments to customer satisfaction and excellent software have helped Info Tech become a market leader in a small, but very significant, sector, Riley said. That sector is important because without the services it provides, roads and bridges around the country will continue to crumble.
“We work side-by-side with clients to build software that meets their exact needs,” she said. “With our consulting form software, we work very closely with consulting firms.” She said the company also cultivates relationships with contractors who use its bidding service.
She said that what’s really impressive is that software being used to improve U.S. infrastructure all over the country is made right here in Gainesville.
“What’s exciting for us is there’s suddenly a huge focus on the technology sector with all of these startups,” she said, “and we’ve been here the whole time. It’s exciting to see it grow.”


Info Tech’s Core Values

Info Tech has 10 core values, which all have equal weight and combine to create its unique work atmosphere. Some of those values include:

A work/family balance. Almost all of the employees can set flexible hours and make the time for family events.
A spirit of innovation. This results in challenges to employees to come up with new products.
A sense of community. Info Tech asked its employees to celebrate its recent 36th anniversary by donating a work day to a nonprofit organization of their choice.
Frank realism. This allows employees to be honest when things could work better.

The remaining six are: service, integrity, trust, excellence, leadership and partnership.

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