If I Had a Hammer

How a Simple Tool Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams.

You probably need what most salespeople don’t have. They don’t have dreams for their lives or established goals on which to focus every day.

I got to thinking about this while reading a magazine article about José Padrón, founder of Padrón Cigars. When José came to the United States in 1962, he landed in Miami. He had no money, but at the time, our government was giving Cuban refugees $60 a month.

He kept looking for a job but couldn’t find one.

José said that every night he went home and dreamed about his future. He was determined to do something to support his family. His dreams really motivated him.

José’s friend Raul Fernandez asked if he had any carpentry skills, and he said, “I do.”

Raul gave José a small hammer, and José was told to put the hammer to good use.

The hammer was a tool that enabled José to become more self-sufficient and enterprising. It also enabled José to focus on his dream, which was to save enough money to open a factory and make great cigars.

He worked two jobs; during the day he was a gardener, and at night he was a carpenter. He managed to save $600, which enabled him to open Padrón Cigars in 1964.

What the United States needs today is more people like José—people dreaming about their futures.

How many unemployed Americans are walking around chasing their dreams? My guess is that their attitude is, “Hey, I’m unemployed, and I don’t have time to pursue my dreams and goals.” But when you’re unemployed, you have an overabundance of time on your hands.

People who have a clear vision of what they want to become are seldom disappointed, because they tend to be very focused on their goals. Dreams aren’t delivered to you on a silver platter. They usually start out as a cloudy picture in your mind. The more you focus on your dreams, the clearer the picture becomes. If you focus on your dreams long enough, they eventually become transformed into goals with specific action steps.

Nobody can dream your dreams for you, and nobody can achieve your personal goals for you. Your dreams and goals are up to you.

Live your life to the fullest. Maybe I should say, live every day to the fullest, because if you do, this life will be rich with experiences and success.

José Padrón still has his hammer to this day, and it continues to serve as a reminder of how he got started 47 years ago.

Here’s an idea for you: Go out and buy a little hammer like José’s. Hold it for a few minutes every day and focus on your dreams. The little hammer enabled José to become extremely successful. Maybe yours will enable you to climb your ladder of success too.


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