GRU warns customers of business scam attempt

GRU is cautioning citizens to beware of a nationwide scam targeting non-residential customers.

Some business customers have received phone calls from someone claiming to be a GRU representative, saying that the customer must make an immediate payment by cash or third-party website to avoid having his or her utility service disconnected. In another version of the scam, the customer is instructed obtain a pre-paid MoneyPak card and call a different phone number to make the payment.

GRU does not contact business or residential customers by phone to demand payment or personal information. Customers receiving this type of call should not comply with the request.

Customers who are unsure about the authenticity of communications appearing to be from GRU should contact Customer Service at 352-334-3434. If the correspondence is deemed suspicious, they should then report it to the Gainesville Police Department at 352-955-1818.



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