Grow, Attract & Expand at the Core of CEO’s Value Statement

With the new year right around the corner, the Council for Economic Outreach recently released its Value Statement that outlines recent successes and accomplishments. Keeping in mind the budgetary goals and objectives for CEO’s Momentum 2015, a campaign designed to create new jobs and expand the business community in Gainesville, the Value Statement recaps new economic development projects within the past two years. In the report, six achievements are detailed including Silver Airways, Mindtree Ltd., Prioria Robotics, SumTotal Systems Inc., Totuit and These companies have either been attracted to the Gainesville area and/or expanded their business endeavors throughout the region.

Simple and concise, the Value Statement also recaps what CEO has accomplished since the launch of Momentum 2015. To date, 810 jobs have been created, with 67 percent of goal reached within the first two years of the campaign. Additionally, 44 new economic development projects have evolved with Information Technology, and Manufacturing & Logistics as the two leading industries.

Looking ahead to 2013, CEO is set to continue building on its accomplishments and increase momentum in job creation and economic development. To read the entire report, click here.


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