Grove Street Continues Trend of Murals in Downtown Gainesville

Mo’s Garage Salon Experience is the newest addition to the Grove Street neighborhood as a full service salon offering hair and skin services to the greater Gainesville area. To complete the image of the business, Monica Albert has commissioned artist Shawn Maschino to create a mural at 910 NW 4th Street.

The former Sister’s Restaurant co-owner, Albert, has known Maschino for years now adding to the collection of artists’ works she houses in the hair studio.

The mural depicts a mid-century photo of Albert’s parents silhouetted by a beautiful Florida skyline, in Maschino’s signature style. Albert mentions that this mural is different from the other ones seen throughout town because it is personally sentimental and immortalizes two very important people to her.

The trend of murals on buildings is still novel, however not brand new to the Gainesville art scene. Throughout downtown Gainesville, one notices that the once barren walls of the town have been filled with radiant images giving the city personality.

“It gives public spaces that much more character,” said Albert, “Art is so important and it conveys the idea that Gainesville truly cares with that level of beautification and engagement. It allows static buildings to become a canvas for emotion and beauty.”

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