Gov. Scott to lead trade mission to California, selling Florida

Governor Rick Scott announced he will be leading a domestic trade mission to California in May. During the trade mission, Governor Scott will attend the Milken Institute’s Global Conference 2016 to discuss how Florida is making it easier for families and job creators to succeed and why businesses in California should consider moving their operations to Florida. Governor Scott will also meet with California businesses to share why Florida is the best state for their companies to grow. This follows Governor Scott’s previous trip to California last year where he announced that Nestle USA would be shifting a majority of their U.S. to Puerto Rico shipments from the Port of New York and New Jersey to JAXPORT.

Governor Scott said, “Last year, we met with companies in California to tell them why Florida is the best location to grow their business, and it is clear that has not changed. In fact, Governor Brown’s tax and spend administration has spent the past year passing laws that make it even harder for businesses to succeed. With California’s minimum wage increasing to a nationwide high of $15 dollars an hour, job creators will face a crippling, new challenge on top of California’s already high taxes and burdensome regulations. California elected officials even chose to ignore concerns that the new minimum wage could eventually cost almost 700,000 jobs and an additional $3.6 billion a year for taxpayers.

“Our goal is to create the California to Florida jobs pipeline. As Governor Brown works diligently to drive businesses away from California, Florida can partner in providing locations for job creators who are looking to grow jobs and opportunities for families. I look forward to leading another domestic trade mission to California next month and meeting with more companies to share how we are making Florida first for jobs. I also encourage Governor Brown to join me at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference so he can hear firsthand how we are making Florida the number one place in the world for businesses and families to succeed.”


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