Gainesville Running and Walking Picking up the Pace

Gainesville Running and Walking, a full-service running and walking store, will be moving to Butler Plaza with a planned opening in May. The Carrillo family, owners and lifelong Gainesville residents, founded the business in 2008.

“Gainesville Running and Walking will join GatorTec and Sprint at 3600 SW Archer Road which will be undergoing a renovation as the third building in our series of “Shoppes at Butler,” said Deborah Butler, President of Butler Enterprises.

“Running and Walking is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay healthy,” Mike Carrillo, co-owner, pointed out. “The right type of footwear can make the difference between enjoying a great activity or being sidelined because of preventable injuries.”

The Company’s current brands include Brooks, ASICS, Nike, Saucony, Mizuno, Moving Comfort, Balega, Superfeet, CEP compression, Garmin GPS and Lucy Activewear for women.

“Gainesville will always be home and we are excited for our new prime retail location at Butler Plaza,” Carrillo said.

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