Gainesville Music Association invites the community to get involved

Gainesville Music Association Overview

  • The Gainesville Music Association Overview pilot program, the Starving Artist Program, helps artists feel appreciated and supported by connecting them with local businesses.
  • Last summer, Gainesville Music Association Overview was awarded status as a STEMReady grant worksite to help train interns in the STEM field get paid training and experience.
  • In July 2016, Gainesville Music Association launched Bandturo to help artists all over the country book paying gigs and tours. The immediate response has been tremendous, and they’ve been rapidly growing that service since. Growing revenue from that program keeps the lights on!
  • The Association has also been hosting workshops to help artists (both visual and musical) learn current ways to monetize their craft and spotlight the jobs available for the non-artist interested in the creative industries.
  • Last month, the Association launched DIYT – Do It Yourself Together, an information treasure trove for independent musicians disguising itself as a national DIY musician community. Or is it both?… They are set to have 100 active members by the time you are reading this.

Opportunities to get involved with Gainesville Music Association include:

Starving Artist Program

Last year, the Starving Artist Program was launched, where local organizations can offer discounts and courtesies to active members of the Gainesville artist community. Luckily, the Association quickly received the support of some great companies. Members receive things like special deals on pizza and event flier printing. It was designed to give active artists a financial break and to bridge them with the business side of Gainesville to make artists feel supported. Contact Gainesville Music Association if you are interested in participating or helping to spread the word.

No/Low Cost Recording and Performance Facility

Gainesville Music Association has secured much of the equipment necessary and are just weeks away from securing a large portion of the funding for this facility. They are now in the search phase for the space to set up free to low cost recording for local and touring artists here in Gainesville. The ideal space will also function as a venue to bring more touring acts to play concerts in town, but they will at least be opening the recording facility this year. Gainesville Music Association is currently looking for partners and title sponsors. For details, contact (352) 354-7461 or

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