Gainesville Health & Fitness helps teens stay active with free summer membership program

Now in its 9th year, Alachua County teens have another reason to look forward to summer with the free teen membership program with gym access to all three GHF centers, June 5 – August 4, 2017.

Teens are encouraged to ditch the video games and Netflix marathons, and trade them in for basketball games with new friends and training for their first marathon. Creating healthy habits starts young and building a healthy body inside and out is very important for teens.

Regular exercise like aerobic and muscle-strengthening workouts boosts energy levels and helps maintain teen’s physical and mental health. Exercising 30 to 60 minutes, three to five times a week will increase the heart rate and number of calories burned, strengthen the immune system and muscles, and help to maintain a healthy weight.

Besides building stronger muscles, exercise reduces the risk of depression, increases self-esteem, enhances thinking and may improve school performance. Teens will learn from the experts at GHF how to exercise, not just the first time, but every time they go to the gym.

“We want parents to be able to offer their teens a fitness experience in a safe and healthy place without the expense,” said Joe Cirulli, GHF CEO and Founder. “The teens have the opportunity to become immersed in a culture of hard work, make themselves better every day, and interact with other GHF members who have made fitness a part of their lives.”

Throughout the summer, June 5 – August 4, 2017, teen members can enjoy workouts with industry-leading cardio and strength training equipment, guided workouts on the 9 Line, and group classes like Cardio Party, Hip Hop, Booty School, Zumba, and more. Participants can gain strength for fall sports team tryouts and practice hoops in the full-size basketball court.

Alachua county teens ages 13-17 may use all three locations for up to two hours per day. Registration is now open and continues throughout the program. Teens must be enrolled by parent or legal guardian. Parents do not have to be GHF members for their teens to participate.

Free teen membership program is a great opportunity for teens to build strong bones, try something new and stay active over the summer break. To learn more and to register, visit or call 352-377-4955.

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