GAIN announces a Florida-based stealth startup development team is hosting a contest to name its invention.

The contest to name the new invention launches February 15 and runs through March 15, 2015. Users can try out the newly created online tool and submit potential names at The winner will receive $1,000 cash.

GAIN is the first, and the oldest, organization in Florida focused on the innovation economy.

“GAIN exists to promote creativity, future inventions, and early inventors, so we’re excited to promote this contest to name a tool developed by a team of Florida innovators,” said Lee May, Executive Director.

Submitted invention names must be one or two words and the company will take the name of the invention.  If the dot com domain name ( is available on, the name will have a higher likelihood of being chosen.  “Other than that, it’s wide open,” said May. The young innovators and GAIN believe that crowdsourcing the name will lead to a better selection than simply brainstorming internally or hiring an outside company. The added benefit is the entrepreneurial community gets to be involved in the start-up world. “We hope that exercises in creativity like this one will help open students’ minds to the joys of innovation,” she added.

A winner will be chosen and all entrants will be notified by email 10 days after the March 15 deadline. Everyone is welcome to participate.

About the invention

The invention is an elegantly simple educational tool for people of all ages. Parents, grandparents, students, teachers, administrators, you name it – everyone wanting to transfer knowledge to someone else, or receive knowledge from someone else can benefit from this tool.


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