Frequent Flyer spotlight: Jeremy Silveira

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Each month, the Business Report spotlights a local traveler who frequents Gainesville Regional Airport.

Name of Passenger: Jeremy Silveira


Freelance TV/commercial producer, tour manager for educational filmmaking workshops.  I travel with high-profile individuals in the TV/film industry as they put on educational workshops in 30+ cities around the US/Canada.  I’ve lived in Gainesville since 2005.

Favorite airport to fly into

Gainesville, because it means I’m home.  A lot of my life this year has actually been spent traveling in minivans and moving trucks, so I find that I have favorite gas stations more than airports. Sheetz is still No. 1.

Most interesting place you’ve been

I was lucky enough to be part of a private tour of Industrial Light & Magic, founded by George Lucas in San Francisco. A huge chunk of my favorite movies were created there, so it was an amazing experience.

Worst travel experience

Like everyone, I’ve had my share of cramped flights or overly long drives, but nothing has been excruciatingly bad. Everything is an experience you learn from.

Top travel tip

Enjoy every moment, even the ones that seem really terrible. Having a job where you travel a lot is something that people dream of, so I don’t ever take it for granted.  That, and buying noise canceling earbuds — worth every penny.

Top five items in your carry-on

– Bose® noise-canceling in-ear headphones

– Phone loaded with podcasts

– Laptop or book

– Inflatable headrest

– Portable power supply to charge phone on extra-long trips

You’ve made it back to your hotel room after a long day of traveling. How do you relax?

When working on my phone or laptop, I’m really bad at keeping a lot of tabs open, sometimes of non-work-related things I want to look at later.  So when I’m finally back in my hotel room, I like to go through all of that and clear out my email inbox. It just helps me feel a lot better knowing I’m going to start the next day fresh.

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