Frequent Flyer spotlight: Carolyn McKune

Each month, the Business Report spotlights a local traveler who frequents Gainesville Regional Airport.

Passenger Name: Carolyn McKune


I’m a veterinary anesthesiologist with my own independent-contractor company, Mythos Veterinary LLC. As part of my job, I go onsite for various private practices, referral centers and universities that need anesthesiologists. I’m currently onsite in Canada for a veterinary college there. Most of my job, in fact, is based out of town.

I’ve lived in Gainesville for about 5 years now. Originally part of the university, I now really enjoy my business, and the diversity it provides!

Favorite airport to fly into:

Minneapolis-St. Paul: This is hands down the best airport in the world! It is one of the few airports where I allow my time to just shop.

Most interesting place you’ve been:

I have been everywhere from as far as Hong Kong and China to as near as Sanibel Island, and everywhere in between. Travel is a way of life for my husband and I, who are slowly exposing our kids to the similarities we (as world citizens) all share, whether we are U.S. citizens, British, Europeans, Chinese, etc. Hands down the most stunning place I’ve been so far has been Yosemite National Park in California, with a close second being the Grand Canyon.

Worst travel experience:

My husband’s bag being lost while we were en route to Yosemite was crazy. The airlines aren’t so good at reconnecting campers with their luggage hundreds of miles and 4,000 feet of elevation away. Try negotiating this with limited-to-no cell reception in a place that doesn’t sell clean underwear, and you can imagine the conundrum.

Top travel tip:

Divide your day for travel according to what YOU do for a normal day. For example, if you routinely spend eight hours sleeping and two hours eating (divided between meals), it’s crazy to think you can get in 20 hours of sightseeing and travel. It’s just not physically possible. This is my best tip for those with young family members. If those kids take two naps a day and require devoted time/attention to eat (which can add up to about 18 hrs/day), you really need to be realistic with what you might do on vacation with them (with only 6 hrs in chunks over the day available to you). In those days, we were pretty content with an evening stroll after the p.m. nap, even though we might have been on a cruise of the Caribbean or staying at a castle in Scotland (last year’s vacation). Pick a vacation destination with these thoughts in mind.

Top five items in your carry-on:

Laptop and charger

At least one change of clothes (ALL of my clothes, if I can fit them)

Empty water bottle to fill after you get through security

A project for the plane (I often sew clothes that need mending)

My toiletries in their appropriate quantities

You’ve made it back to your hotel room after a long day of traveling. How do you relax?

I talk to my kids. Even on the road, family is top priority.


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