Frequent Flyer: Jeffery Lindsey, PhD, PM, EFO, CFO


Jeffrey T. Lindsey, PhD, PM, EFO, CFO


FES Programs

Rinker School of Building Construction

PO Box 115703

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL 32611


UF Construction Management: Fire and Emergency Services

  1. What is your job and how long have you lived in Gainesville?  I am the Coordinator for the Fire and Emergency Services Bachelor and Master degrees at the University of Florida. I typically travel to conferences to present on various topics. In addition, we do a strong marketing effort at these conferences. I also serve on a number of national committees in the industry.  I have lived in Gainesville for a year.
  2. Favorite airport to fly into & why? Gainesville, because I am back home and it is one of the easiest airports to get around. Otherwise, I like Detroit for my layovers. It is a clean airport that is easy to get around.
  3. Most interesting place you’ve been, and why?  I have been all over the United States and to other countries including Abu Dubai, Samochek, South Korea; and, virtually all of  the Caribbean countries, along with Roatan, Honduras, Mexico and Canada. The one that stands out most is Russia. I arrived in Moscow, and left via St. Petersburg. It was one of the most mystique trips with all of the ambiance of the Russian culture that you see on television and the movies. I was there as part of a delegation on Emergency Disaster Response. A trip of a lifetime!
  4. Worst travel experience?   Well there have been a few. I took off from Dulles Airport to go to Alaska and we had to circle back and make an emergency landing due to a malfunctioning nose gear. All I could think of was the Sioux City, IA crash. Nonetheless, I took the trip later in the year on that day. I have made a number of emergency landings, but that day was not a fun day.
  5. Top travel tip? Be patience and go with no expectations, as you no longer have the control you think you have.
  6. Top five items in your carry on bag: My doTERRA essential oils. Reading material. Phone charger. Change of clothes. Toothbrush.
  7. You’ve made it back to your hotel room after a long day of traveling. How do you relax? Catch up with the kids to make sure they are doing okay.

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