Florida Beverage Association Accepting Grant Applications for Community Programs

The Florida Beverage Association (FBA) has announced the fifth year of its Community Grant Program. FBA is the state trade association representing non-alcoholic beverage producers, marketers, bottlers, and distributors.

“The Florida Beverage Association and its members are eager to build upon our commitment to the communities we serve by awarding grants to local programs that promote environmental sustainability and health and wellness.  These initiatives are critical to the future of the Sunshine State – and, we look forward to our fifth year of the FBA Grant Program,” said Liz DeWitt, president of the Florida Beverage Association.

Previously, Santa Rosa County, The Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida, and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful have been awarded grants to strengthen programs focused on environmental sustainability. Additionally, The Florida Recreation and Park Association Foundation, The City of Tampa, the “I’m a STAR” Foundation, and Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces are past grant awardees for their focus on promoting nutrition and active lifestyles.

Grant applications should be submitted online by Friday, January 31, 2020.  To be considered for a grant, all nominees must meet the requirements listed in the “Grant Program Criteria” found on the FBA website at www.flabev.org.  Grants awarded through the FBA program are generally capped at $25,000; however, special programs and unique circumstances may justify a larger grant. In addition, some grant applications may be eligible for a matching grant from the American Beverage Foundation for a Healthy America (ABFHA).

All applications will be reviewed by the FBA Board Grant Subcommittee. FBA Community grant recipients will be selected and notified by the FBA Board of Directors by February 30, 2020. The FBA will submit their selections for award to the ABFHA matching grants program. Matching grants from the ABFHA will not be announced until May of 2020. General questions may be directed to FBA President Liz DeWitt by phone at 407.385.2708 or by email at Liz.dewitt@flabev.org.

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