Florida Athletics Partners with NIL Vendor

INFLCR Gators Made Exchange will allow student-athletes and businesses exploring Name, Image and Likeness opportunities to connect directly through a streamlined, free platform.    The Florida athletic program, in conjunction with INFLCR, has launched Gators Made Exchange, which will allow athletes and businesses to connect directly.

This streamlined, easy to navigate platform, is a free service to both the athletes and third parties and serves as a directory to connect businesses, donors, alumni and collectives with athletes and explore Name, Image and Likeness opportunities.   After a business, collective, or individual registers on Gators Made Exchange, they can access a searchable data base of Gator athletes, and filter that data base through a variety of criteria. They can message the athlete directly in the application or request the contact information to start a discussion about a NIL transaction. INFLCR and Florida will not be involved in any of the negotiations.

The sign up for businesses began December 16 at Floridagators.com/GatorsMadeNIL. Florida athletes will opt in to participate and the platform for athletes and businesses to interact with will be live in mid-January.

Once a NIL agreement is reached, a customized reporting form, that is compliant with the Florida State statute and Florida Athletics Name, Image and Likeness guidelines, is generated and forwarded to the institution. The platform also includes a payment processing tool to securely pay the athletes and will be consolidated into a 1099 form that lives in the athlete’s INFLCR app for more efficient tax reporting.

“The opportunity to have a one stop shop for Name, Image, Likeness activity and opportunities for Gator athletes is really important,” said Athletics Director Scott Stricklin.  “The really unique thing about having a central source is they can go to one place, they can engage in the activity, and they can look for opportunities. It makes it more turnkey for our athletes as they navigate all the other responsibilities they have and still have an opportunity to take advantage of Name, Image, Likeness.”

“Since the beginning, the state of Florida has continued to lead the way for NIL and we could not be more thrilled to announce our partnership with the University of Florida,” said INFLCR President Jim Cavale. “INFLCR and Florida share the goal of bringing a first-class experience, both on and off the field, to the athletes they serve and we’re excited to provide the leading software to support Gators Made. Together, INFLCR Plus and the University of Florida join forces to connect student-athletes to NIL opportunities through an intuitive interface and supports all NIL initiatives with its compliant technology.” The platform will continue to provide education on NIL issues – from financial literacy to brand building, while providing market research and tracking social media growth and engagement.

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