Family Dollar, McDonald’s to Open in Trenton


By Caitlyn Finnegan

It was a deal five years in the making, but two major companies are ready to move into Trenton, Fla., in just a few short weeks.

The world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s, and Family Dollar will be opening side-by-side at NE 1st Ave. by the end of the summer, according to the Beery-Rainsberger Group of Coldwell Banker Commercial M. M. Parrish Realtors.

With a population of just over 1,000 people and a total area of 1.7 square miles, the addition of the two companies is a major step for the small town.

Petitions for the McDonald’s development started five years ago, but city planners really started paying attention to the deal in 2011 when Family Dollar showed interest in moving to the area as well.

Ted Burt and Pastor Keith McConnell, the two owners of the parcels of land sold for the development, were very patient throughout the two-year process as the plan went through nine contract extensions in order to settle requests between the buyer and the city, said Beau Beery, owner of Coldwell Banker M. M. Parrish Realtors.

“Working with reasonable, nice folks makes a difficult job a lot easier,” Beery said.


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