Exactech Adds 114 Gainesville-Based Jobs and Invests $30M in Capital Improvements


Exactech, a Gainesville-grown global medical device manufacturer, has seen strong growth in Gainesville between 2017 and 2018 through the addition of 114 new jobs. The company plans to add up to 25 more jobs by the end of the year. In addition to this growth, the company has expanded their physical footprint with the addition of a four-level parking garage and other capital investments totaling $30 million.

Exactech started with a dream shared by orthopaedic surgeon Bill Petty, his wife Betty and biomedical engineer Gary Miller.  They wanted to make a difference in the quality of care provided to patients suffering from injuries or joint diseases like arthritis. The Pettys and Dr. Miller made the first step toward realizing their vision by incorporating Exactech on November 8, 1985.

Since that time, they have leveraged their founding principles to look at clinical challenges through the eyes of a surgeon. Throughout the company’s development, their purpose has remained unchanged: Exactech exists to help people improve their quality of life and regain their independence if they’ve been injured or developed arthritic disease. They do this through innovative ideas, high quality products, education and commitment to service.

Exactech’s commitment to the Greater Gainesville Region has also been unwavering. Innovation, passion and vision has turned Exactech in to one of the largest private employers in the region. They have set the bar high for many other companies by contributing to the economic growth through the Transforming Greater Gainesville Economic Development Strategy and leading the Chamber’s Advanced Manufacturing Council from 2015-2018. They also championed the sales tax exemption for manufacturing equipment, manufacturing industry awareness and workforce/talent initiatives.

“Exactech’s investment in the Greater Gainesville Region and in their people is truly inspiring,” said Bryan Harrington, Greater Gainesville Chamber Board Chair. “That ongoing investment encompasses all facets of the community, in both the public and private sector, and provides a great model for the region.”

“They understand that close ties to community organizations, business leaders, educational institutions and local governments can significantly improve not only the overall business climate, but also the success of individual businesses.”

“Exactech is a longstanding, highly engaged member of the Chamber and the local community, and have played an important role in the success of Greater Gainesville businesses,” said Eric Godet, Sr., President/CEO of the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce.

“The team at Exactech encompasses the culture of innovation that has existed for decades within the Greater Gainesville region. We are thankful that they are committed to seeing Gainesville grow economically,” said Staci Bertrand, Vice President of Economic Development for the Greater Gainesville Chamber.  

About Exactech

Exactech manufactures innovative orthopaedic implants and surgical instruments for hip, knee and shoulder replacement as well as biologic materials and bone cement systems. Its products are distributed throughout the United States and in 35+ markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific.Exactech was built on a strong foundation with a values-driven, customer-centric culture. Our business decisions are guided by the following values: Integrity, Compassion, Teamwork, Excellence, and Innovation. Learn more about Exactech at www.exac.com.

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