Engineering Firm ETM Inc,. Launches Accelerator Branch In The Gainesville Innovation District

Jacksonville based engineering firm, ETM, inc., made the Gainesville Innovation District their new home as they launched an accelerator branch to support the rising young professionals of the University of Florida.

The native Florida company with 42+ years of engineering experience premiered their ETM Accelerator in July 2019, missioned to serve as a launching pad and support to the bright minds in the Gainesville area. ETM recognizes the value of investing in highly educated students and believes their internship program to have been a fundamental part of their successful business strategy for the last 15 years.

Having collaborated to bring Celebration Pointe to life in west Gainesville, ETM recognized the potential of Gainesville’s central location and abundant young talent emerging from the top university.

Perfectly stationed between the University of Florida and Downtown Gainesville lies the Gainesville Innovation District, home to ETM’s new accelerator office at 623 W University Ave. The Gainesville Innovation District is the city’s rapidly growing tech hub. Over 80 companies in a variety of industries are currently located in the region, ranging from startups located in the University of Florida sponsored business incubator, UF Innovate | the Hub, to globally-recognized firms such as Jacobs Engineering.

With all of the excitement in the district attracting bright students from the university, there was no better place than the Gainesville Innovation District for ETM to launch their newest ETM-Accelerator internship program. Currently molding both undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in building construction, engineering, and geomatics, ETM provides each intern in the program with a seasoned mentor and extensive training in their Jacksonville headquarters to ensure their continued success once they’re settled back into their Gainesville office.

Amongst other resumé building experiences, at ETM, interns have an opportunity for full immersion into the day-to-day tasks and routines of a civil engineering firm. ETM provides exposure to a firm of engineers ranging from entry-level to executive positions that reveal important insight to interns on the depth of their field and the potential that awaits them.

From the Gainesville ETM-Accelerator, Interns will be provided hands-on, real-world experience with competitive compensation, networking opportunities and exposure that will mold them into competitive professionals in the field.

The ETM Accelerator office space, designed by Gainesville Innovation District developer Trimark Properties, is strategic in affording interns a walkable commute and access to other rising companies in the rising area.

“As neighbors to a Top 10 university like the University of Florida, this area is perfect for forward thinking firms like ETM to have a presence in recruiting top talent fresh out of school for their team,” said Matthew Luedecke, director of commercial leasing for Trimark Properties. “Trimark is thrilled to help facilitate ETM’s move into the Gainesville Innovation District.”

As the Innovation District continues to provide elite opportunities to University of Florida students and faculty, UF Innovate leaders Jim O’Connell and Mark Long were appointed to manage the district. The two are seeking to recruit new companies to enter the district and join companies like ETM inc. in making strides towards innovative progress with the fresh minds that will lead them towards the future.

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