E162: The Power of A Thoughtful Gift | Meagan Anderson of Well Wish

While working at Bentley, Meagan Anderson loved to watch the finishing touches that went into each luxury car. Those finishing touches, even those that weren’t seen by the buyer, were what made a Bentley so special to her.

Her passion didn’t come from collecting vehicles or learning the secrets behind these cars. What appealed to her was the thoughtfulness that went into each unit.

Seeing the care and effort being put into these products opened Meagan’s eyes. She decided to apply the same level of  thoughtfulness to one of her personal passions – gift giving.

At the start, Well Wish was an idea for elevated gifting. Meagan first envisioned her side project as greeting cards accompanied by simple gifts – until she learned that the market wanted something different.

After saying yes to every request, Meagan realized that the market was missing a concierge gift-giving service. She stepped in to fill that role.

Now, Well Wish is no longer a side project. Meagan is providing curated gift boxes with end-to-end service.

From corporate gifts people will actually use to individualized gifting for family and friends, Well Wish guides clients to give the most impactful gifts possible. Ready-to-order boxes are available on her site, while curated boxes are available after contacting Meagan.

Listen to the 162nd episode of the WHOA GNV podcast to hear the whole conversation about Meagan’s journey from side hustle to full-time entrepreneur!

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