E154: Finding Your Calling | Kamal and Jonnel Latham

Kamal & Jonnel Latham have lived around the world. Beijing, the Caribbean, and right here in Gainesville.

Their home, and their jobs, changed with the seasons. Kamal has been a CEO, a diplomat, and an author. Jonnel has tried her hand at entrepreneurship, business consulting, and being a CEO herself.

Kamal talks about these jobs as seasons of their lives. Things they were called to do, where numbers, goals, and promotions determined their success. Though their careers flourished, Kamal speaks about what was missing from their lives.

“Though I was successful, I was not fulfilled… I came to realize that there’s a difference between what you’re called to be and what you’re called to do.”

Now, settled in Alachua, the Lathams have put in the time and devotion to understand what they bring to this world. 

Kamal and Jonnel were able to find the common threads that connect the seasons of their lives. Looking to the Bible for guidance, they identified 9 calling types, including the two fit their lives.

In Kamal’s book, Your CEO Potential: Realizing Your Calling, Equipping, and Outcomes in Christ Jesus, he delves into the different callings and how you can focus on what you’re called to be. 

As the Inspirer of the family, Kamal has brought energy and motivation to his family and everyone around him. Jonnel, the Challenger, keeps everyone grounded and moving forward on their paths.

The understanding of their purpose wasn’t the end of their journeys. Through embracing love, focusing on one another, and being intentional with their habits the couple has kept their hearts light and their family happy.

“Getting the revelation of where you are and where you need to be is the beginning. And then you’ve got to walk down that road… It’s not comfortable but you’ve gotta keep going.”

Listen to the 154th episode of the WHOA GNV podcast to hear the entire discussion and find your calling!

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