Cox Surpasses $10 Million in Charitable Giving in Southeast Region

Cox Communications announced on July 29 the results of an independent economic impact study conducted for its southeast region operations.  Among the findings, Cox creates and supports approximately 17,000 jobs with earnings of nearly $740 million in Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. 

The company also contributed more than $10 million in cash to charitable causes in the three states between 2009 and 2012.   That’s in addition to millions of dollars per year Cox provides in in-kind services such as public service announcements, free airtime and employee volunteer programs.

“Cox is uniquely situated in our industry in that we have the strength and backing of a national company, yet we are committed to giving back to the local communities we serve with substantial cash and in-kind donations,” said Jacqui Vines, senior vice president and general manager of Cox Southeast Region.  “With more than 2,400 employees in the region, Cox is dedicated to serving our customers by continuing to invest significantly in our infrastructure and making our cities better places to live, work and play.”

The economic impact report was conducted by James A Richardson, alumni professor of economics at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. 

“The day-in-day-out contribution and support of Cox Communications to the regional economies are the jobs, expenditures, and community support associated with satisfying the demands of consumers across the Southeast,” Richardson stated.  “We always need to keep in mind that the long-term and fundamental contribution of Cox Communications to its markets in the southeast region is the establishment of a communications infrastructure that keeps these regions competitive with respect to the information demands of a rapidly developing economy.”

Among the other findings in Richardson’s report:

·  Cox – Central Florida, through its direct spending, supported overall business activity of $248 million in 2012, and 1,381 jobs throughout the community with personal earnings of $55.1 million.

·  This economic activity generated close to $7 million in state and local tax collections.

·  From 2009-2012, Cox-Central Florida has given $650,000 to various charities and public events in the area, not counting in-kind contributions.

·  Over the last five years, Cox invested an average of almost $140 million per year in capital infrastructure.

·  Cox employs approximately 2,400 people in its Southeast Region, with a combined payroll, including benefits, of more than $200 million.

·  Cox supports area governments through collection of more than $95 million in state and local taxes annually.


Cox’s Southeast Region includes the metropolitan areas of Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Acadiana in Louisiana; Pensacola, Greater Fort Walton Beach, Gainesville and Ocala in Florida; and the Greater Macon/Warner Robins areas in Middle Georgia.

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