Cox Launches Fastest Internet Service in Area

In the battle for speed, Cox Communications has taken the lead.

Cox High Speed Internet Ultimate now offers residential users download speeds up to 55 Mbps and upload speeds up to 5.5 Mbps with its PowerBoost feature, which produces short-term speed bursts to help people download large files. The faster service puts the utility slightly above GRU’s Gator Net, which offers download speeds to 50 Mbps and uploads speeds to 5 Mbps.

Cox Business also is offering Business Internet Ultra and Home Office Ultra, both providing 50 Mbps base download speeds and 5 Mbps uploads.

Cox says it is targeting the high-speed service at “technology-elite customers who use multiple devices and high bandwidth applications.”

“In this highly competitive marketplace, it’s important for us to constantly look for ways to enhance our services to best meet the needs of consumers,” said Lynn Murphey, vice president of public affairs for Cox Florida/Georgia.


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