Computing Dedication and Success with Boris Kuchuk of My IT Masters

Boris Kuchuk of My IT Masters serves Gainesville businesses through computer repair and IT support and has led a number of multi-million dollar projects in the computer engineering industry. 

Kuchuk was born in the former Soviet Union but was raised in Israel. When Kuchuk was 13, he got his very first computer. He enjoyed the technical aspects of computing and was constantly taking out the parts and putting them back together. These skills prompted him to study computer engineering in college. After graduating, he found a job at a hospital as an IT technician. At 25, he was already managing the hospital as an IT director.

“This is where my most experience comes from because I was dealing with thousands of thousands of endpoints, endless network equipment, tons of servers, and different applications.”

Kuchuk came to the United States and moved to Gainesville to be closer to his sister-in-law. In the beginning, he struggled to get hired for a management position because he wasn’t proficient in English. He started going to the library and communicating with volunteers to better learn the language. Then, he got a job as a professional services engineer with an Israelian company that dealt with voice-over IP phone solutions. 

In 2015, Kuchuk decided to start his own business. His good friends and owners of O2B Kidsan educational entertainment company for childrenoffered to support him. Through O2B Kids, he started advertising his services and began to experience growth. Since then, Kuchuk has added more services to his business including voice over IP which allows anyone to place voice calls over an internet connection

“At My IT Masters, we specialize in manag(ing) IT services, voice over IP services, and cybersecurity. We save a lot of money for companies and minimize the downtime because we are using a really proactive monitoring system that prevents issues ahead of time.”

Through a mutual friend, Kuchuk was able to learn about Business Network International (BNI). BNI is a networking group that allows professionals to support each other’s businesses by sharing referrals. BNI helped Kuchuk grow his business by giving him customer testimonials and an influx of clients.

“BNI is all about referrals. When you come to BNI you only represent your seat. You have the full time to represent your specific seat and if you have a room full of referrals, all the people in the chapter will want to work for you.”

Over the past couple of years, Kuchuk’s business has grown significantly. Through networking, job opportunities, and friendships, he was able to accomplish his American dream. He is now focused on the future and making his business bigger and better. 

“This is what drives me every day. I see people happy, they get what they need, and I can bring them great technology and put them in a better place.”

Listen to the 123rd episode of WHOA GNV podcast to hear more about Boris Kuchuk’s journey as a business owner and his outlook on living the American Dream.

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