Community Foundation of North Central Florida Offers Solution for Year-End Giving

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many people are starting to think about year-end giving and how they want to allocate their available funds. It can, however, be difficult to decide where to dedicate your money and is often a hassle to manage your yearly contributions.

With the mission of promoting and sustaining philanthropy among the communities of North Central Florida, the Community Foundation of North Central Florida (formerly the Gainesville Community Foundation) makes it possible for anyone to fulfill their charitable goals. Benefits of working with the Community Foundation include tax advantages and professional administration of your donations.

Since the Community Foundation was established in 1996, the organization has provided more that $8 million in grants throughout the community through contributions of all sizes. The Community Foundation also currently manages nearly $11 million in assets.

By giving to the Community Foundation, donors experience the benefits of having their own foundation, but are not burdened with the accompanying expenses, restrictions, and administrative responsibilities. The Community Foundation operates behind the scenes by managing funds, handling investments and accounting, and filing annual tax returns.

As a donor, you decide how your donations are spent by being as involved or as hands-off as your prefer. You can allocate your funds to a specific organization or simply to an area of need.

By donating to a single fund with the Community Foundation,  you can track all annual contributions on a single tax receipt, making tax preparation that much easier.

“At the Community Foundation, we help donors of all kinds become strategic philanthropists and leave behind a legacy that will help improve the community for generations to come,” says Barzella Papa, President and CEO.

Whether you are considering establishing a private family foundation or just looking to fund charitable giving with a current income tax deduction, the Community Foundation of North Central Florida can help find the best method for you or your company.


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