Commanding a Room: Charisma, Self-Confidence and Power

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Commanding a Room: Charisma, Self-Confidence and Power

December 3, 2020


TREEO Center

Gainesville, Florida

First impressions are made on confidence, not content. Naturally it’s important that you know your subject, however if you can’t make a powerful first impression your audience will tune out, not hearing your wisdom and expertise. It’s crucial that today’s successful professional demonstrates confidence and credentials by leading an effective meeting or speaking in front of a thousand key stakeholders. Commanding a room is much more than being able to get up and speak. It’s about overcoming fears, exuding self-confidence, anticipating objections and knowing all the non-verbal cues to win over others while displaying the elements of charisma and credibility. Commanding the room is power and poise, confidence and savvy; it is a must for anyone who wants to master one of the most important business skills—being a dynamic presenter.

 In this session participants will learn:

  • How to make a powerful first impression within 10 seconds
  • How to be memorable, charismatic and in charge every time you speak
  • How to overcome nerves and handle objections/resistance with confidence and ease
  • How to run an innovative, interactive virtual meeting

Now offering the option of attending in person or virtually via zoom. Same price. When registering, type in the comment section your preference of in-person or virtual.

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