City to Expand Intelligent Transportation System

City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville will be expanding the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), as part of the on-going Smart Traffic project beginning in 2016.

Expanding the current system will require large concrete poles ranging in size between thirty and one-hundred feet in height in five locations.  These poles will allow traffic signals that are outside the Gainesville urban core to communicate wirelessly with the main system located on NW 39th Avenue.   “Fiber optic cable is not being used as it is not cost efficient,” said Chip Skinner, Department Marketing and Communications Supervisor. “However, being able to communicate with these signals is critical to the overall performance and movement of traffic through the system.”

The locations of the poles are as follows:
·         SR 26 and US 301 – 100’ pole
·         SR 20 and SE 211th St – 100’ pole
·         NW 39th Ave and NW 15th St  –100’ Pole
·         SW Depot Avenue and SW 11th St – 30’ pole
·         Main Street and Williston Road  — 30’ pole

Construction of the expansion will cost approximately $182,375 as part of the ITS budget as appropriated through grants.  Work will be done by City of Gainesville staff, however a time frame for the work is not currently available.

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