Changing Perceptions with Dr. Mike Bertulfo

Returning back to his roots, Dr. Mike Bertulfo recently opened Women’s Lift Lab in Downtown Gainesville to help women of all ages improve their health and become stronger.

Mike is a clinical educator dedicated to improving wellness through increased knowledge and behavior modification… Before moving back to Gainesville, he worked in D.C. for five years with a large government defense contractor, helping people get off of their medications, and effectively reducing their healthcare costs while improving overall health and wellness. Mike decided to open his business in Gainesville because he heard some of the inspirational stories through WHOA GNV and also heard from friends and family that Gainesville was growing and thriving. 

“After hearing some of the stories, the city appears to be business-friendly and I’m looking to capitalize on the city’s growth and expansion as I’ve seen massive changes since I’ve left,” said Mike. 

As online communication becomes more of a way of life for many businesses, Mike has capitalized on social media and content creation to help grow his business and also help people with health issues that they are facing. 

“From a business standpoint, it is easier and more scalable to have an online presence, and also personally, you can help more people that way. I’m enjoying the online stuff because I can touch more people, I can send more messages, I can go into the Facebook group, I can interact with them more.”

Referencing his experience in D.C, Mike decided to focus on women’s health issues. When working up there, he found that women are more receptive and willing to take the time to learn what the health improvement process looks like and, ultimately, take the necessary steps needed to reverse their high-risk health conditions. At Women’s Lift Lab, Mike is also focused on encouraging women to focus on fitness activities in addition to eating healthy in order to lose weight and improve their overall health.

“Part of what we’re trying to do is not only reverse the condition but also reverse the perception that women should be kind of coddled, and they’re not strong enough, or they shouldn’t do certain things that are reserved for men.” 

Listen to the 101st episode of WHOA GNV podcast and hear more about Mike’s journey back to Gainesville, his experience with content creation for health education, and what the Women’s Lift Lab is all about.


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