Career Source NCFL Honors Veteran with Local Impact Award

CareerSource North Central Florida congratulates Disabled Veterans Operational Program (DVOP) Specialist Elijah Hamilton for being recognized with the Veterans Impact Award for outstanding employees working in veterans services.  

“We are incredibly grateful for the service and sacrifices both Mr. Hamilton and his fellow veterans have given for their country,” said Dr. Jeffrey Tate, CareerSource North Central Florida Board Chair. “We applaud his continued dedication to his fellow Americans through the work he does here at the career center, where he patiently advocates for his participants and serves as a peer, mentor, and guide to veterans seeking to overcome barriers and seek gainful employment.” 

“I was just filled with gratitude and honored to hear my name called,” said Elijah, who was informed that he was nominated while trying to recognize another veteran for the award. 

Elijah served in the US Army as a Staff Sergeant, Indirect Fire Crewman, and Executive Chef during the Vietnam War.  

“I grew up in upstate New York around a lot of segregation and violence, and I was a pretty troubled young man,” said Elijah. “I joined the military so I could protect my country, earn a higher education, and gather a sense of who I am as a person. My experience made me want to be a part of the change America needed to assist all of its citizens.” 

In 2012 he became the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP) at CareerSource North Central Florida. There he helps veteran job seekers overcome significant barriers to employment such as age, income, homelessness, disabilities, or justice-involvement. DVOPs also perform community outreach to veterans and civic organizations to promote services and workshops offered by CareerSource NCFL.  

“Elijah is an active and valuable member of the local veterans community and participates on many local boards and committees, where he provides invaluable insight into the needs of our veteran job seekers,” said Vickie VanBuren, CareerSource North Central Florida Board Member and American Legion Post 149 Adjutant. “He’s an asset to our team and his recognition is well-deserved.”

CareerSource North Central Florida career centers offer veterans assistance with creating resumes, conducting job searches, applying for jobs, learning about veteran’s benefits, education and training, and specialized case management for veterans who experience significant barriers to employment. The Veterans Program also conducts outreach to employers to develop employment opportunities for veterans, ensuring that veterans are provided the full range of priority for workforce services. For more information, visit the Veterans Services page on the CareerSource NCFL website.

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