Business and the Law. There is a lot going on. Starting with an introduction.

Welcome to the first in an ongoing series of articles about practical elements of business and the law. As will be discussed, business formations, operations, and transactions intersect with the law many times and in many ways.

Before I begin with an outline of the topics to be addressed over time, I am going to disclose my underlying bias about business law. Which is – Proactive risk management is an effective, efficient, and economical approach to operating a business, from its earliest roots to its one-day ending. Proactive risk management plays out as implementation of operational plans on a pre-scheduled and routine basis, which, in turn, allows entrepreneurs and operational professionals to focus on their core businesses and on bringing their innovations to market. And it plays out regardless of whether the business is involved with the creation of goods, the delivery of services, or hybrids of both. “Be on the lookout” for this proactive risk management approach throughout this column.

As the title to this introductory article states, “There is a lot going on” in the scope of business law. But business law in and of itself need not be intimidating. And it should not be avoided. It just needs to be understood, addressed, and implemented, along with the many other aspects of business.

So onward we go to that outcome.

One last point – If there are other topics “you” want to see addressed, just let me know

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