Building Trades Headquarters Opens in City of Alachua

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) in Alachua helps the construction industry train and test workers. It’s also serving as a model for best practices.

The nonprofit organization demonstrated what’s possible in construction by moving into headquarters in Progress Corporate Park just nine months after it broke ground.

The contractor, The Haskell Company of Jacksonville, completed the project quickly because it implemented tilt-up construction, which uses pre-cast concrete slabs to create a durable yet attractive wall system.

The 31,000-square-foot building is LEED Silver certified and, in a nod to the workers it will train, it features an educational tour of the skilled crafts required to build the structure.

“This tour gives us the opportunity to share fun trivia facts like the amount of steel required for this size of a building, but more importantly, it allows us to highlight the training and skills required of an individual to work on this type of a construction project,” says NCCER President Don Whyte.

NCCER moved to Gainesville in 1996 as an affiliate of the University of Florida through the M.E. Rinker School of Construction Management.

The organization develops standardized training, testing and certification as part of a national registry for the industry. It is expanding its work globally.

The new building currently houses more than 40 NCCER staff and another 10 employees of ProV, NCCER’s testing partner. But like the good educators they are, the companies designed the structure to accommodate future growth.


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