Breakthrough in ELA and Critical Thinking through eLearning

I would like to share a true story about one my students and how our English Language Arts (ELA) eLearning system greatly improved her quality of life.

Little 8-year-old Samantha has severe health related problems and was struggling to just stay in school. She had been in and out of the hospital several times for major surgery during the school year. Her mother came to ScriptShot Learning concerned about her daughter’s situation knowing that she started the school year behind and now was struggling to pass. Her initial Lexile score indicated she was two grade levels behind.

Samantha’s mother enrolled her in the ScriptShot Learning ELA eLearning program where she received one-to-one intensive eTraining twice a week. After 7 months, Samantha’s Lexile and grade levels doubled. She developed a love of reading and her writing skills greatly improved as well. Her mother is thrilled to see her pick up a book on her own and read just for the pleasure of reading. Samantha has so excelled in her ELA skills that she has taken the initiative to create her own books including her own drawings. Samantha has gained a new perspective and thirst for knowledge and is on her way to success in school and beyond.

As a career teacher I have had the incredible privilege of working with and teaching English/Language Arts to hundreds of students from grades K-12 in the classroom and online. I have observed certain principles and patterns in learning that are the basis for success.

The most successful students are those who have a love of learning and are able to think critically. Students who can think outside the box actually enjoy learning and the learning process over the students who struggle with higher order thinking.

The highest level of thinking and the most rewarding kinds of activities involve creating. Students who are challenged to go from mere remembering…  to understanding… to applying… to analyzing… to evaluating… to creating, the highest level of thinking, are the most fulfilled and successful in school, their careers, and in life.

As students begin a new school year, it is most important for them to have goals and learning opportunities that foster the highest levels of critical thinking and creativity.

What can we do to foster creativity in our students? Well, there are many activities that use the creative process such as designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing, devising, making… We must provide students more opportunities to participate in these types of activities.

At ScriptShot Learning Corporation, we provide students with the opportunities that lead to success in school, career, and life. We are a non-profit and online English Education Company that teaches students to think critically one-to-one from the comfort of their own homes.

We make all lessons fun, engaging, and encouraging. All progress is measured. The average reading Lexile score for most students increases by two grade levels in a calendar school year. But most importantly, students are taught to think at the highest level and are more engaged and prepared for success in all aspects of life.

Bringing out the creative genius in students takes work and must be intentional. But it is so worth it both for the individual and the collective. We must endeavor to provide all students the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of being creative.

Every student is capable of the highest level of thinking. We must be deliberate in our efforts to provide such opportunities. And that’s what ScriptShot Learning is all about.

By Karl R. Zawoy

Karl R. Zawoy is the Director of the Santa Fe College Innovative Product Development Center (IPDC) a community-based commercialization center providing early stage startup companies with tools, training and infrastructure to help them get started, grow and develop into financially viable enterprises. Over the past few years, Karl R. Zawoy and David Flores have served the Startup Gainesville community together as mentors and advisors for Gainesville startups companies through the Santa Fe CIED and at community events like Startup Quest and BioFlorida. The IPDC is a StartupGNV supporter.

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