Books A Million renovations to reverse flooding damage

Yellow caution tape and sandbags spray-painted orange surround the front doors to the Newberry Road Books A Million. But a big, blue banner assures customers “Yes, we’re still open!”

Heavy summer rains recently flooded the storefront and caused about $175,000 of damage, but a local contractor hopes to turn the tides.

Chris Pickering with Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling Inc. said that the company already dried up the water, which affected the store about 20 feet inside from the front doors. It also installed dehumidifiers and air filtering units to keep mold from growing indoors.

Pickering said the drainage problems arose after the parking lot was resurfaced and new businesses began building in the front of the lot.

The next step in the indoor restoration process is for Books A Million to approve the company’s quote, Pickering said. Finishing the final measures of indoor restoration would take about two weeks.

To prevent flooding in the future, he said a paving company will have to direct the drainage properly.


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