Aspiring Leader Academy program helps shape teachers into future school leaders

The Aspiring Leader Academy (ALA) is a six-month program designed to equip Alachua County Public School teachers who are interested in pursuing leadership roles with the tools and training needed to excel in school leadership in Alachua County. The ALA program is currently in its first year and is the first phase of the district’s leadership development program. It was developed as a foundational program in which participants begin to understand what school leadership looks like in the district. The overall goal of the program is to grow future school leaders.  

In order to be accepted into the ALA program, participants must complete an application and an interview, pass a writing exam and provide a recommendation from their principal. Once accepted, participants attend a series of seminars aligned with the Florida Principal Leadership Standards, and participate in a book study facilitated by current school administrators. They study the book Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck with the purpose of sharing the district’s vision for school leaders that foster a growth mindset among their staff. Participants also lead a project/initiative of their choice that highlights their skills in school leadership and instruction.

“As the coordinator for leadership development in Alachua County, I am honored to work with our future leaders. We have a diverse population who bring so many experiences to the schools in which they lead. As we all know, a school is only as good as its leaders and I am determined to ensure that every school in this district has a dynamic administration,” said ALA Professional Development Director, Isabel Carter.

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