AminoLife Raises $833,000 in Investment Funding

AmnioLife Corporation, a Gainesville based human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products developer, today announced it has raised $833K in a Series A round through an angel investment fund.  Fountainhead Investment Partners, a healthcare angel investment fund, led the round and is working closely with AmnioLife to structure strategic partnerships with medical device companies.

Chris Broderick, CEO, said, “This round of funding is allowing us to implement and validate a GxP-compliant enterprise management software to allow for scalable manufacturing and private branding among our other initiatives and to also conduct a series of safety and preclinical studies on our products that we have developed.  We are very much looking forward to our strategic partnership with Fountainhead as their fund partners have significant expertise in medical device commercialization and national distribution of human tissue biologics.”

In April Aminolife announced that it had successfully completed sterilization validation testing on two product categories allowing for U.S. commercialization.  The products include a human amniotic collagen membrane allograft, ProLifixTM, and an injectable acellular amniotic fluid allograft, XceedTM.  The Company is manufacturing both products here in Gainesville.

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