AI Central is a strategic, public-private-academic economic development initiative to help establish North Central Florida as the national and global center for artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation.

AI Central started with the University of Florida’s major, long-term investment in world-class research infrastructure, cutting-edge research and a transformational approach to curriculum. Under the proud leadership of the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, AI Central has the opportunity to establish a potentially powerful economic development program and create a national AI hub here in Greater Gainesville.

“The Greater Gainesville Chamber is proud to lead this regional initiative because we understand the assets available at UF, our central location to other institutions in the High Tech Corridor and the quality of talent available here,” said Eric Godet, Sr., President & CEO of the Greater Gainesville Chamber. 

Already UF’s AI program has gained attention from the White House Economic Development Councils from both most-recent administrations based on the clear and present threat of the United States economy falling behind other major economies in the race to achieve AI enhanced economic results.

“AI is a technology critical to Florida’s future growth and success. Through the AI supercomputer gifted to UF by alumnus Chris Malachowsky and NVIDIA and with our adoption of AI Across the Curriculum, UF will educate an AI-enabled workforce for Florida and the nation and faculty will use this tool to resolve the challenging problems facing society,” said UF Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Joseph Glover. “We are pleased and proud to join the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce to help build an AI economy for Florida starting right here in Gainesville.” 

Artificial intelligence is more than just the next wave of high-tech: it is the fuel for the fourth industrial revolution. Using AI to analyze massive amounts of data has already dramatically affected communications, accounting, finance, transportation, medicine, agriculture and more.

“Artificial Intelligence is a dominant trend in computer science today,” said New York Times bestselling author and Meraglim Holdings Chief Global Strategist James G. Rickards. “While projects are being pursued all over the world, there is yet no single center of excellence. The University of Florida and the City of Gainesville have the resources and momentum to be that center of excellence. I am pleased to be associated with their AI Central launch both personally and through our firm Meraglim and its Raven predictive analytic system.”

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