ACEL makes life easier for cyclists with new tire pumps downtown

Alachua County Emerging Leaders unveiled two new bicycle pumps in downtown Gainesville on April 7. The pumps are located next to bike racks installed by the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Association (CRA) at Main Street and First Avenue, and between the Hippodrome and Boca Fiesta.

The pumps are the result of a year of collaboration between ACEL, the CRA, the biking community, the City of Gainesville, downtown business leaders, local nonprofits and private businesses. ACEL was able to finance the installations with a mix of public and private money, including funds from a fundraiser in May 2013 with local musicians Michael Claytor, Devon Stuart and Travis Atria that were matched by the Gainesville Cycling Club. Foresight Construction also donated time and resources to install the pumps.

The pumps were produced by the Dero company and according to ACEL Professional Development Chair Marilyn Headley, they feature universal nozzles and are very durable. “We didn’t want to put something in that could be destroyed in six months,” she said.

Sarah Vidal-Finn, CRA manager, said that the CRA fully supported the effort when ACEL approached them and helped them pick areas where the pumps would be beneficial. “This promotes that work-live-play lifestyle. We have a focus on health and wellness and amenities like these help people working downtown decide whether to bike or not,” she said.

ACEL President Andrew Romero said that national statistics show that the aged 25 to 39 demographic is driving less and less, and that they bike more than any other demographic besides children.

“We’re trying to do our part to keep the quality of life high here in Gainesville,” he said. “These pumps are just going to make life easier for families, cyclers and young professionals who work downtown.”

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