Academy of Entrepreneurship is Hosting “MYOB – Mind Your Own Business” Event

The Academy of Entrepreneurship is hosting “MYOB – Mind Your Own Business” event next Wednesday, November 7th at 7pm at Buchholz High School, featuring successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. These entrepreneurs will discuss the challenges and struggles they faced when starting a business, how they over came them, and why they think they became successful.

Business leaders will discuss the benefits of owning your own business. Mind Your Own Business will create an inspirational story that motivates students and will help them understand that becoming an entrepreneur is not easy, but allows them to do what they love.

The panel will include:
Abhi Lokesh – Fracture
Don Davis – Capital City Bank
Josh Greenberg – Grooveshark
Ken Block – Sister Hazel’s Cymplify
Kristin Hadeed – Student Maid
Moderator: Bill Dorman – Santa Fe College CIED

For more information, visit:

Watch Ken Block’s invitation video:

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