A New Tool For Workers Undergoing Career Change

A New Tool For Workers Undergoing Career Change

eIMPACT, the leading provider of labor market data visualization dashboards,has announced the launch of its myCareerPathway™ Dashboard with an implementation in Gainesville’s CareerSource North Central Florida. The first-of-its-kind software product will help job seekers in the greater Gainesville area leverage the power of data visualization highlighting in-demand skills and job market trends, tailored to their career area and location.


“The myCareerPathway™ product was born out of necessity during a historic moment in our labor market, where employers are struggling to find the right talent, and workers are seeking higher ground in terms of a fulfilling career path,” said Erik Larson, CEO of eIMPACT. “With two user inputs: location and job title, users get an instant snapshot of ways to gain competitive advantage in the market through upskilling, transferable career options and job postings trends,” he added.


CareerSource North Central Florida is the region’s one-stop for job searches, career support and training. For CareerSource, the new data resource is more than a new piece of software.


“CareerSource NCFL has built its reputation as a leader in the Florida workforce development ecosystem through a combination of customer focus and innovation. The myCareerPathway™ Dashboard is the latest example of this strategy, helping job seekers shine a helpful light on what is oftentimes a stressful, opaque undertaking,” added Phyllis Marty, CareerSource NCFL’s chief executive. The dashboard will be available to all customers at one-stop locations in Bradford and Alachua counties, as well as through an online portal.

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