$50,000 Pledged to the Innovation Academy

Adam Mopsick, CEO of Amicon Management, graduated from the University of Florida in 1993 with a BSBA in Finance, and is a LEED-accredited, licensed State of Florida General Contractor. Since co-founding Amicon in 1996, he has successfully led the company to become one of the largest owner representation and real estate consultancies in the region. Mopsick utilizes nearly 30 years of experience in the industry to drive corporate strategy as the organization enters its next phase of growth to develop innovative solutions for the traditional construction industry.

“Amicon Management is proud to partner with UF IA and introduce students to our forward thinking approach to the construction industry and to some of South Florida’s most significant real estate projects,” said Mopsick.  “As we continue to grow, our team places value on recognizing and mentoring new talent to be the future leaders of the organization and we’re looking forward to finding those fresh perspectives with UF IA.”

The Amicon Management Engagement Program is designed to foster a partnership with Amicon and UF’s Innovation Academy to provide a uniquely immersive experience for creative, self-motivated, organized, and innovative interns and professionals in the construction and construction management field. The engagement program aims to provide one-of-a-kind experiences for UF IA students to visit Miami, tour significant construction projects and meet local leaders while connecting Amicon with talented, interdisciplinary interns and potential permanent employee placement.

“We are thrilled and appreciative of the generosity Amicon Management has shown to develop this amazing program,” Said Dr. Jeff Citty, Director of the Innovation Academy. “It allows UF Innovation Academy (IA) students to receive an insider look at the construction industry while Amicon evaluates the competitive advantage IA students offer. I believe we will see talented IA students from various majors find that this opportunity is one that will provide them a chance to work with a high performing team that utilizes innovation to best serve clients every day.”

The Innovation Academy (UF IA) is one of the nation’s most forward-looking undergraduate programs – at one of its most dynamic research universities. UF IA gives motivated students a small-college experience focused on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, ethics and leadership on a unique spring-summer schedule. UF IA enrolls and supports academically talented students focused on developing knowledge to grow new business opportunities, services and products through curricular and non-curricular experiences.

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