2018 Cade Prize Competition Has Officially Announced Their Sweet 16

The Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention has announced the Sweet 16 for the 9th Annual Cade Prize.

The Cade Prize serves to identify, recognize, and celebrate inventive minds and innovation in the state of Florida. Since its launch in 2010, the Cade Prize competition has drawn applications from hundreds of creative thinkers and cutting-edge ventures in IT, healthcare, biomedicine, environmental science, and agriculture, to name a few.  

The Cade Prize Sweet 16 reception will be held on September 6th at the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention. Tickets will be sold online at www.cademuseum.org for $16 per person. Guests will be given the opportunity to mingle with the Sweet 16 inventors and entrepreneurs and learn about their inventions and technologies.

In past years, the Cade Prize awarded a single applicant.  This year, cash prizes will be awarded to the top four rankings. The Final Four will be named at the 4th annual Inventivity Bash. First place will be awarded $25,000, second place $15,000, third place $7,500, and fourth place $2,500. Funding for the prize is provided by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida. The Inventivity Bash is a time to celebrate and promote innovation and creativity in the state of Florida. Save the date for September 29th! Tickets are $200 for non-members and $175 for members and are available for purchase at www.cademuseum.org.

Cade Prize Sweet Sixteen

3D Printed Homes (Sarasota): A printing robot that can build large structuresAggieMed (Gainesville): A new technology to desalinate brackish and saline water

Antibiotic Adjuvant (Gainesville): AI optimized antibiotic recommendations

Boss Helmet (Jacksonville): A new innovative safer football helmet that will help solve the concussion crisis

Creating Disease Resistant Citrus Using Gene Editing (Tampa Bay): Using gene editing to create canker and greening resistant citrus trees

DiaTech (Tallahassee): Improving insulin pump technology for patients with type 1 diabetes

Grid-Edge Intelligence for Transactive Energy (Tallahassee): Using artificial intelligence to optimize the use of energy sources on the power grid

Init Weather (Orlando): Using AI to analyze all available weather data for more accurate forecasts

Interchecks (Miami): Automating 1099 tax compliance, payment elections and payment execution Mercurius (Gainesville) Storing large amounts of data on DNA strands Nephure (Gainesville) An enzyme that reduces oxalate in food and reduces the chance of kidney stones

Pre Action Games and Exercise – PAGES (Tallahassee): Video game technology and a wearable hand device to help survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury improve limb movements

Photo Op (Miami): A smartphone-based photo contest Precision One Health (Gainesville) A video platform providing comprehensive information to patients

Shock Wave Fuel Reformer (Gainesville): A method of producing hydrogen that requires no water and generates no CO2

We Craft Box (Tampa): A subscription-based service that delivers craft boxes for parents to use with children

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