12 ways to become a better salesperson

OldStoryImageDo you want to become a better salesperson?
You will, if you’re willing to change. All it requires is energy and effort. Here are 12 ideas that will start you on the path to better sales:

Make one extremely high-value telephone call every day. I’ll leave it to you to define high value. Just be sure you make one of these calls every day.

Do something that very few entrepreneurs and professional salespeople do. Calculate what your sales quota equals on a daily basis. Then divide it by two. Now you know how much you need to sell every morning and every afternoon. This will help you value your time properly.

Write and send five handwritten notes every selling day. If you show your gratitude, people will begin to appreciate you so much more.

Read the Wall Street Journal every day. You don’t have to read the entire paper, but you should be looking for new ideas to grow your business. Reading this newspaper will also help you become quite the conversationalist, which is a good thing in sales.

Read Frank Bettger’s book How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling. It’s loaded with ideas that can transform you and the way you sell.

Dress for success. People judge what you say and how you say it. People also judge your appearance. Don’t let the country club casual dress influence your choice of clothing.

Create a new signature file for your outgoing e-mails. Give this some serious thought and consideration. To get your creative juices flowing, think about what makes you different and special. What are some of your special qualities?

Think of yourself as a personal brand. You’re a walking billboard. Think about what you want your walking billboard to say about you. A little self-promotion is a good thing. It’s called selling yourself. Don’t screw this one up by not paying any attention to it.

Prepare and practice the words you use throughout the selling process. Using a digital recorder, record how you get appointments. Record how you ask your questions. Record how you deal with the price objection. Not to practice using a digital recorder simply means you end up practicing on your sales prospects and customers.

Read a new business/sales book every two weeks. Just 15 minutes a day will do the trick. Keep growing your brain.

Conduct a quarterly business review for your 10 largest customers. Prepare a list of six to eight questions that get your customer talking. Your questions, of course, show your interest. You will no doubt uncover seeds of anxiety that you can deal with. You’ll also uncover plans for the future, which will enable you to get a jumpstart over your competition.

Commit to physical exercise and put this commitment on your calendar. Everyday selling activities can wear you down, but physical exercise works like an energy bar without the carbohydrates.

Remember, your future is determined by the choices you make today.

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