10 mobile apps for legal & financial assistance

  1. Ask a Lawyer

The Ask a Lawyer mobile app provides fast, free access to a lawyer via mobile chat. Lawyers are matched with you based on your location and the area of expertise you’re looking for. Chat quickly with a lawyer in your area — at no cost to you!

  1. Ask a CPA

Similar to the Ask a Lawyer app mentioned above, Ask a CPA gives you on-the-go, instant access to a financial adviser near you. The app provides resources on topics ranging from rental payments to charitable deductions. It’s great for small business owners with simple tax questions.

  1. Mint

The biggest perk of the Mint app is that it provides you with a free credit score. You can view all of your finances within the app, and you can categorize your expenditures between bills, rent, groceries, etc. Set specific budget limits, and the app will notify you when your spending limit is approaching.

  1. TurboTax Preparation

TurboTax’s app offers an easy way to e-file your taxes and find deductions to help maximize your refund. You can even upload a photo of your W-2, and TurboTax Preparation will pull the information straight into the app! Everything done on the app will also cross over into your account when you sign in on a desktop.

  1. Fastcase

Fastcase is basically a law library in the palm of your hand. You can browse cases by keyword, date and state for free and simplified referencing. Fastcase offers legal research made easy (especially for a non-lawyer).

  1. My Block

H&R Block has a helpful app called My Block that is full of answers to frequently asked questions regarding taxes. You can easily access your previous tax returns within My Block to speed up the filing process for a new year. It includes a checklist of what you need to file your taxes, and you can check your refund status right in the app.

  1. Law Dictionary

Law Dictionary is essentially just that – a helpful dictionary full of common legal terms. Get fast definitions for confusing jargon with this user-friendly app to help you sift through legal forms and documents.

  1. Wally

The Wally app allows you to set specific financial goals for the day, week or month to help build your savings. You can set up notifications to remind you about bill payments, and you can save receipts from every purchase. Wally helps keep your personal or business finances organized while you’re on the move.

  1. Loan Calculator Pro

Loan Calculator Pro instantly calculates an estimated monthly payment for various types of fixed rate loans, including auto loans, mortgages, and credit card payments. With built-in “what if” scenarios, it’s a great tool to help you figure out the best way to tackle a loan.

  1. The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line tracks not only your spending and saving, but also your investments and retirement funds. This app will give you a bird’s eye view to help you stay on top of every aspect of your finances.

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